Thursday, January 17, 2019

OK, I know....

I realized I haven't been writing much here under the Castor oil tree lately when I found myself last night searching my files of writings for something to post.

Then I realized why I haven't been writing.

I am finally in Trump-Funk big time.

The shutdown and almost hourly lies have finally driven me into a form of mild depression that keeps me from writing.

And I am not a depressive person. I am your best 'glass half full' or 'full glass just looks half full' guy.

Often in my life as a full time priest I would listen to folks sit in my office and talk about their depression. I agreed to listen twice to all that, but since I've never been depressed and am not a trained psychologist, on the second visit I would give them three names of psychologists I trusted. Many thanked me later. Unlike some ministers I've known, I am clear about my limitations. I know to 'refer quickly' when the problem is out of my league. I believe religious clerics are 'generalists' and have no business--unless they have training in psychology--dealing with any psychological problem.

Two years of this president has worn me down, little by little.

I think that's my problem--and probably the problem of many others: every day brings a couple new outrageous tweeted insults to his opponents and outright lies, it's hard to get outraged over and again.

I'm suffering from 'outrage overload'--the Trump-Funk.

So, I'm going to force myself to write here every day. I'll try not to focus on my daily outrage--though that would be therapeutic for me--but I can't guarantee you that.

Maybe I'll go back to my Mastery Foundation quote box and let them inspire me to higher ground.

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