Monday, January 28, 2019

my day

It started weird enough.

Bern always gets up first,. except on the Sundays I go to Higganum for church, since they start at 9 a.m. I'm usually awake but I stay in bed, lazing, knowing that Bern wants coffee before encountering human beings. So she takes Bridget out and gives her breakfast. Bridget usually comes back to get in bed with me after that.

All that happened this morning, but when Bridget came back to bed, she whined at me and then threw up her breakfast beside my face.

I got it cleaned up pretty quickly with the help of wipes and the hair dryer. But it was an odd beginning to my day.

At 2, I went to see my allergist who I only see every six months since this miracle drug in a shot called Zollair has kept me mostly allergy and totally asthma free for three years. We talked mostly about the President and what a total idiot he is, rather than about my health. My doctor's wife and mother are supporters of the President and I wondered if Bern and I could stay together if we disagreed about that.

Bern made stuffed red peppers for dinner, with a salad and some broccoli. It was delicious.

Then, just before I wrote this, the dogs of our two west side, next door neighbors were out at the same time and barking like crazy which made me so thankful we have silent Bridget, who hasn't barked since we've had her as part of our family.

(We have two west side next-door neighbors since we share a long driveway with Mark and Naomi and their house is actually behind ours meaning Scott and Linda are just across the driveway. A tall fence divides their back yards so the two dogs from each house never see each other but go to the fence and bark like crazy dogs.)

Maybe if the President got his wall, we could stand at it and bark at Mexico and they could bark back.

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