Friday, January 18, 2019

Keeping my promise

OK, I'm writing every day--for two days at least!

Men who are queasy should read this post.

Today I went to my urologist, Dr. Wong--I know, I know, an unfortunate name for a urologist.

She put a camera up through my penis to my bladder.  Not the most pleasant thing to experience and for me, especially strange and odd since she looks so much like my daughter in law, Cathy Chen. Plus, another woman--a middle-eastern woman was in the room with her.

Thing is, Dr. Wong is still trying to understand why my PSA, which I shouldn't have at all since I have no prostrate gland, jumped up to 4 from 0.01.

One answer would be that my prostrate cancer moved somewhere else--but CAT scan and Bone scan and peeking in my bladder ruled that out.

So, another blood test in 3 months and another visit to Cathy look alike in 6 months.

But for now, all is well.

To put a camera in your bladder they pump in water and air! My bladder was full when the test was over so I peed in the bathroom, but the air came out too, so I had a Number One fart or two. Really odd and strange...

(One thing I've learned from all this--I don't get stressed about unknown possibilities. I just do what I have to do and move on. Not bad for a way to be, I'd say. But you really don't want a camera in your bladder--trust me on that....)

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