Friday, January 25, 2019

Over at last....

The parts of the government that have been closed reopen tomorrow. The president agreed to re-open for three weeks and then negotiate about boarder security.

No one disagrees that our boarders should be secure, but the president is obsessed with his promise to 'build a wall' and the country suffered for 36 days because of that.

Those on the right wing are already breaking with him--claiming 'he's a wimp' and 'he's worse than Bush' and 'Jeb must be laughing'.

Three weeks to do what? And then what?

Hopefully Congress will agree to something in such a majority that the president can't reject it without having his veto over-ridden. Real politicians (unlike the president) know what a disaster this longest ever shut down has been. Well, he may know, but just doesn't care. As a businessman he never cared about the workers in his organization (outside his family) and trashes former confidants daily if they dare disagree in the least with him.

But Congress know better and this three weeks are their chance to stand up to the Bully-in-Chief and do the right thing.

At least I hope and pray so....

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