Monday, January 21, 2019

That's how cold it is

I have on socks--that's how cold it is.

After I ruptured all my ligaments in my right knee in September 2016, I couldn't put on socks for months and once I could again, I didn't.

The only time I wore a pair of socks in over 2 years was for my daughter-in-law, Cathy Chen's, institution as a judge. And I left one of the socks in Baltimore.

I like not wearing socks. It simplifies my day. It makes less to laundry. And I like the feel of bare feet in shoes.

But today I was wearing a pair of moccasins because the tread was good on ice--which is everywhere today. They sometimes slip off without socks, so I put on socks.

They aren't bad.

(The ice that still coats the trees all around us, looked beautiful today in the sunshine--but in the light of the Full Moon, it looks magic, wondrous. The trees, I know wouldn't agree. The temperature is 0 right now at 8:26. Tomorrow it warms up to freezing. Wednesday and Thursday in the 40's with rain. What a strange winter this is. I'll decide tomorrow about socks....)

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