Thursday, January 10, 2019

Three of the most beautiful words....


Pretty normal words, but music to my ears!

Back on December 18, I wrote about going to my urologist because the PSA in my annual physical was at 4 or so, twelve years after my prostrate and the cancer in it was removed.

So, Dr. Wong (unfortunate name for a urologist, I know) ordered more blood tests and then a CAT scan and bone scan I had yesterday.

I was driving on I 91 on my way to Higganum, when my phone started it's "Hello, Moto" routine. I can barely take a call sitting still with both hands, much less at 70+ mph, so I didn't answer. When I got to St. James, I found a voice mail from a technician in Dr. Wong's office. From then until about 1:45 pm, I called her back 4 times and missed a call from her. My anxiety was rising by the  minute. though Bea told me that if it were 'bad' news, the doctor would have called herself.

My phone started to ring right at Stop and Shop and I careened into the parking lot and nearest space to answer.

Shanique told me these three words: "no significant findings" in either scan.

I told her those were beautiful words.

She laughed and said, "Well, I guess that's true."

Then I drove home to tell Bern my new favorite words.

I know some of you have been thinking about me and even "praying", for goodness sake--in this day!

Thank you for that. I'll learn next Friday what Dr. Wong has to say about the PSA. But today--as Fate would have it--I took communion to a family who knew two men who, just like me, had prostate surgery and radiation and then years later their PSA came back and for both it was nothing.

"No significant findings", just stuff medicine doesn't yet understand.

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