Wednesday, January 23, 2019

too much about ice

I just realized I'm writing a lot about the ice in Cheshire.

Sorry, it's just constantly part of life when I go outside.

So, instead, I'll write a little about the president Who Will Not Be Named.

33 days of partial government shut down. It affects 800,000 people and families directly. And millions more indirectly.

The Middlesex Cluster Ministry is offering grocery cards if anyone in the three churches is affected and needs them. People across the nation are rallying around those who are not being paid.

We need to build bridges, not walls.

And the first bridge is to reopen the parts of government that are closed down.

The president, WWMBNed. needs to realize that.

Once government is working, there can be negotiations about boarder security--but not a 'wall' that would infringe on Native American land and nature preserves and private property--but 'security'.

The president is like the ice that so consumes me. He can't melt. He can't be reasonable. He can't see the damage he is doing.

Open the government.



Doesn't seem like much to ask for to me.

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