Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Ice so hard

The four inches of snow in our front yard had frozen into ice so hard you can slip and slide on it without breaking through. Tomorrow is trash day so I took the trash can out with great peril to my well being, walking and slipping and sliding on the ice.

I took Bridget out this afternoon and the backyard is just as perilous. I found a way down to the left of the deck stairs that wasn't life threatening and she did pee.

I have to take her out again at 9 p.m. and am already worried about negotiating the ice.

Tomorrow it will be 40 and Thursday around 50, but both days with rain. I don't know what that will mean to the ice. We'll see.

18 minutes before taking Bridget out at 9--steeling myself, wearing shoes with lots of tread. Hoping for the best.

Stay warm, my friends, wherever you are.

Winter can't last forever, we know that, though it's hard to imagine right now at 12 degrees.

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