Tuesday, January 29, 2019

lunch with Nora

I had a long lunch today with Nora Ryan who was once. as a teen, Nora Gagliardi, and was the baby sitter and friend of our children when Mimi was 2 and Josh was five for several years.

I swear she doesn't look all that different from the teen I knew and who went on vacation with us several times.

She now has to be 50 or more, but she is still the bubbly, funny, caring person she was for our kids.

It was nostalgia time.

When she saw a picture of our grandchildren, she pointed to Eleanor and said, "I know who that one's mother is", because Eleanor looks so much like the child she baby-sat so many years ago.

There is something wondrous and even sacred about connecting to someone from almost four decades in your past.

She is back in CT and I'm going to keep in touch--something I'm not good about--but I am this time.

And when either of our children are here, I'm going to get Nora here too, to see what time has wrought.....

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