Saturday, February 18, 2017

But bless their hearts...

I wrote a few days ago about how my WVU Mountaineer sports teams will always, as Bern tells me, 'break your heart'.

So today, behind at home to Texas Tech at half, I went to the store to buy stuff for dinner.

In essence, I let them down the way they let me down so much.

When I came home I went on line and saw they won 83-74 in double overtime. Which means they outscored TT by 9 in the second overtime.

Bless their hearts.

I should have hung in there and brought them home rejoicing.

Instead I bought broccoli and thin cut pork chops (because I can't find smoked pork chops anywhere any more).

My bad.

I love you Mounties!

I won't doubt you again, though  you'll break my heart....

(Is this a dysfunctional relationship???)

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