Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Lean toward the Light

In the liturgical Christian world, this is the season of Epiphany--the celebration of the Magi finding the Christ Child and going home 'by another way'. Epiphany is the season of the Star and of the Light.

The sun today was blessed. I lean toward the light. I notice what it's like outside at 5 p.m. religiously and it is a little lighter every day. I long for the Light in this first day of February. The only reason I can think of for living further south than Connecticut is the light. It's darker here, I noticed, than in even Baltimore when we visited my son and their family. Baltimore doesn't seem that far away, but the light is different.

Someone who reads this blog asked me today why I've posted things from past posts recently. It was an inquiry, not a criticism, I think.

And the truth is, if I can tell it without 'alternative facts' coming up: I just don't want to write about the Trump nightmare every day. And every day there is something new to write about.

I didn't agree with Reagan, but I wasn't afraid of him in any way. I would have liked to have coffee or wine with him and talked companionably about our differences. And I think we would have been able to do that, with a laugh or two thrown in.

I didn't agree with either Bush, though I know and love their brother/uncle, Jon Bush, who is a member of one of the churches I serve. But they in no way frightened or threatened me.

Trump doesn't fit in that category any more.

He terrifies me. Firing the acting Attorney General for her questioning his travel ban is the latest example. The Attorney General has been, for most presidents, the one cabinet officer who was designated to be 'non-partisan'. Remember Nixon's debacle with firing Justice Department folks called the Saturday Night Massacre?

Attorneys General answer to the Law and the Constitution, not to the President. You get to 'choose' them, but you don't get to tell them what to do.

I lean toward the light.

The New Yorker cover this week has a black woman in a 'pussy hat' (you know about those, right? the knit hats so many woman wore in the march on Washington....) flexing her muscle like the WWII 'Rosie the Rivitor' posters.The cover was simply called "The March".

The light I lean toward is the light of those who will put themselves in the street and in harm's way to protect our Democracy.

"We're still here", Mr. President. And we're watching you.....

I just don't have the energy to write about you every single day. Though I might have to so I am leaning toward the Light myself....

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