Monday, February 6, 2017

Super Bowl LI

OK, so why do we use Roman Numerals for the Super Bowl?

Almost nothing--besides outlining (which no one knows how to do any more)--uses Roman Numerals.

Is it to make the Super Bowl like the gladiators in the Coliseum?  I bet lots of people said in the past week or so: "What does 'l-i' mean?"

I watched the whole thing and for me it was like watching the Presidential election results.

I hate the Patriots about as much as I hate Trump. Well, that's an overstatement. I hate them but my hatred for Trump goes global in comparison.

So, in the beginning, everything looked OK. Atlanta was hanging in and then moving ahead and then seemed destine to win. Just like Hillary in the early hours of the results.

Then Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania and (horrors!!) North Carolina and Florida started slipping away....

Then disaster.

Just like last night.

Look, I hated the Patriots long before they seemed like sponsors of  Trump's run. And though I can say without reserve, Tom Brady is probably the best quarterback ever in the history of the sport--I still hate him.

Bern couldn't watch the overtime.

I did.

And hope died within me.

Just on the night of the election.

Atlanta winning would have been a temporary respite from the daily assaults of Trump World. But they didn't. And it wasn't.

So I went to be bereft of hope.

Alas and alack....

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