Thursday, February 16, 2017

I'll never play Monopoly again

The company that makes the board game, Monopoly, announced today that it is discontinuing the board piece shaped like a thimble.

Users of the game apparently were asked to vote on which pieces they liked and the thimble lost.

Of course it did--anyone under 35 doesn't know what a thimble is!

I'm disgusted. I grew up around thimbles. Thimbles were great things for people who actually repaired things by sewing rather than throwing them away. My mother had so many thimbles I could put one on all my fingers and pretend I had metal hands.

Get rid of that stupid race car if you want, Monopoly. I hate race cars. But I love thimbles.

I'll probably never watch another Presidential press conference either. At least as long as Trump is President.

(Notice I capitalize 'President' and admit that's who Trump is. The electoral college is part of the Constitution and I'm an American. OK? Nobody give me grief if I hate my President as much as I hate ear aches and sudden death....)

Did you see or hear of it?

If not, consider yourself blessed of God, maybe a saint to be.

If Yogi Berra had been President, he would have made more sense.

If Rodney Dangerfield had been President, he would have been less caustic.

Bullies need someone to pick on. For Trump (now the Bully-in-Chief) it's the free press assured us in the first Amendment to the Constitution (that pesky document, according to Trump, that allows 'fake news' and 'so called judges').

To have a 'press conference' to chide the press is rather lame at best and terrifying at worst.

He insulted the BBC, told a Jew to sit down for asking a question about the rise of hate crimes which was asked with great deference, and asked a black journalist if she could set up a meeting between himself and the BCC (which he didn't understand so she said "Black Congressional Caucus"). Of course all Black folks know each other......

In the same press conference he said he was the least anti-Semitic and least racist person in the world.

Like the thimble, truth too is in short supply these days.

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