Friday, February 3, 2017

Some things are as bad as you imagine they will be....

Like driving to Brooklyn.

Going down was mostly fine. I left at 10:30 am and should have been at Mimi's by 12:30 p..m. if I hadn't missed a turn and ended up driving around LaGuarda Airport for 10 minutes. But when I came out there was the entrance to the Brooklyn-Queen's Expressway and I was home free.

But then there was no where to park in a four block radius so I put the car in a garage that cost $22 for less than two hours....

Coming home, on the other hand, took almost 4 1/2 hours even though Bern's phone kept changing the route to save us time! We ended up on I-95 for almost 50 miles. I hate I'95 with a passion.

So the dog got fed 2 hours late.

Some things are as bad as you imagine they will be.

Take the Trump presidency...please...


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