Thursday, February 23, 2017

What a Deal!!!

So, I get an offer through my Credit Union for life insurance.

I usually toss such things away without opening, but the Credit Union has been a good thing for us, so I give it a look.

Get this: I can get $300,000 coverage for $33 a month, which will go down to $16.50 a month when I turn 70 this year! What a deal!!!

I'd have to live 20,000 months or so to give the insurance company $300,000. And since that's over 16,666 years I figure this is a bet I am sure to win....

(Life insurance, it seems to me, is always a 'bet'. "I bet I'll die before I pay you the money you'll pay out on my death!" It's a weird bet, but a bet none-the-less. But there wouldn't be 'life insurance' if the companies didn't win. They invest your money or lend it out and get interest. Life insurance must be a money making winner or, like I said, their wouldn't be any....)

I'm stunned that I can actually, not only win this bet but scam the insurance company big time!

I'm about to fill it out and send it in with instructions to take the premiums from my account at the credit union when I notice a word I had missed--'accidental'.

It's a policy for dying in an accident.

Now, that's a really dumb bet however you look at it. Not only betting you'll die before you pay the policy amount but betting it will be accidental and probably horrible.

I told Bern about all this and she said, 'well, I could push  you down the stairs and say you fell...."

I hope she was kidding.....

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