Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Falling Objects

Lots of thaw today. Which means ice is falling off things--like our roof.

Our deck was littered with Bible sized pieces of ice this afternoon. Good thing is, you can see the deck. Lots of melt in snow today.

There's a huge ice cycle above the roof to our small back porch. I made snowballs from snow that you can make hard as stone because of the melt and tried to knock it down.

I have to face that my fast approaching 70 year old self can't throw as well as my 20 0r 30 or even 60 year old self. I missed four times and decided to not try again since, by the way, throwing 4 snowballs made I shoulder feel funny and with a bad knee I don't need a bad shoulder.

But thaw and melt is good. It makes me lean toward the light. March and April are on the way. All will be well (as we know it will be) and all will be well.

(Except on Easter Monday I turn 70! Alas and alack! My throwing arm isn't all that reminds me of that coming milestone....)

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