Monday, February 20, 2017

Every silver lining has a cloud

Silver Lining: We paid off our mortgage!!! (which I can only spell with spell check--what's with that 't'? No one says "Mort-gage".

Cloud #1: All the paperwork came the other day so we could have our credit union taken off the deed and I was going to the Town Hall to do it and found Town Hall deserted. Oh, right, I told myself--Presidents' Day!

Cloud #2: I was looking over the paper work from the credit union when I discovered it referred to our property as '25 Cornwall Avenue'. There is no 25 on Cornwall Avenue. We're the second house on the left and we're '95'.

Cloud #3: I called the Federal Credit Union we belong to to ask them to correct the mistake and no one answered!

Oh, yeal, Presidents' Day....

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