Wednesday, February 8, 2017

These girls

So, I have 4 granddaughters.

Emma, Morgan, Tegan Bradley and Ellie McCarthy.

These girls make my life have meaning.

These girls give me joy beyond expressing.

These girls are my life extended.

These girls are a gift from Josh and Mimi and God.

These girls are in my heart every day and in my love forever.

I actually ponder how old they will be when I die--how much of their lives I will be honored to witness in my flesh.

For Emma and Morgan (10) and Tegan (7) will I see them graduate from high school, from college, marry the man or woman of their dreams? For Ellie (6 months) will I live long enough to give her memories of me she can carry through her life?

My death is intimately tied to these girls.

Bern and I will soon celebrate (in June) our 46th anniversary. We've known each other enough--like 51 years all told--that I have no illusions that she will remember me until she shuffles off this mortal coil.

Josh is 41 and Mimi is 38--enough years to have many memories--good, bad and indifferent--of me to last their lifetimes.

But these girls....I just want to live long enough to be imprinted on their minds and hearts and to live in them for all their lives.

These girls.

Lordy, Lordy, I love them so. I just want them to 'know' me and 'remember' me.

That may be all I want out of this life.

And that seems right and good and 'enough'.


Just enough for a life well lived.

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