Thursday, July 25, 2019

Add 'this' to 'that'....

Out of nowhere, it seems, the Justice Department announced today it is their intention to resume federal executions if they can clear all the hurdles to restore that punishment that has not been used in years. They even named the first five people they would execute--all of whom committed murder of children or the elderly, to make the public embrace the move.

The astonishing roll-back of regulations on environmental issues, immigration issues, and other protections imposed by former administrations is one thing. Renewing federal executions just adds this to THAT.

As state government's, even Red states, move to abandon executions, the Justice Department wants to renew it! Absurd! Astonishing! Absolutely wrong!

They made not be able to do it. Lots of steps along the way. And law suits after that which could tie things up in court for years.

But why? That's what you have to ask.

Could it be because the very people who would support the death penalty would be the people who voted for the current President, who will not be named here?

Of course that's it. Blood in the water for the 'base'.

When a vast majority of Americans and the members of advanced societies around the world abhor the idea of the death penalty (if only one innocent person might be executed, no one should be executed) this move is to satisfy and further attach the President's base to him.

Killing people for a political agenda.

As I said before: absurd, astonishing, absolutely wrong.

Pray for our country--hard and often....

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