Sunday, July 7, 2019

Good dog, Bridget

Bridget is the best dog ever. So sweet and so good.

But she doesn't know the command 'come'.

She knows 'sit' and 'stay' but not 'come'.

We're going to try and teach her because the way we air condition our house requires it.

We have a huge air conditioner in my office by the back steps and a fan on a book shelf half way down the steps that keeps the downstairs cool beyond belief.

But the door to the hallway upstairs on my office has to stay shut.

When we try to get her to 'come' downstairs that way, she hesitates so long we shut the door.

There is an air conditioner in our TV room and there is a curtain over the door way--no door on the room. Bridget won't push through the curtain like previous dogs do. She thinks it's a door. And is often laying outside it. The air conditioner in our bed room has another door. So she can't always go lay on the bed--her favorite place. She will go with Bern who goes to be before I do.

The three barriers and her not knowing 'come' causes problems several times a day.

So, we'll try to teach her in spite of the 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks' adage.

We'll see.

But we have several leads and she always dutifully comes when on lead.

She is such a good, sweet, wondrous dog that it almost seems frivolous to worry about 'come'.

But if we can teach her to 'come' she will be a perfect dog.

No kidding.

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