Thursday, July 18, 2019

Democratic candidates

I have a friend, Ray, who sends out by email, almost every day, a series of anti-President who will not be named cartoons and little quotes from writers that are very anti-the current President.

Sometimes at the end of the cartoons, there is a bumper sticker that reads:
                                               ANY RESPONSIBLE ADULT

I feel that way for sure, absolutely, positively.

But I have some favorites.

I really like Cory Booker though I think his chances are small since the top five have so much money and such a big lead in the polls. But he's a vegan and reminds me of the joke: Know how to find a vegan at a dinner party? Don't bother, they'll find you!

But I like the top five fine: Biden, Sanders, Warren, Harris and Mayor Pete (I don't trust myself to spell his last name and I am sure it's not on Spellcheck.)

Pete, by the way, raised the most money last month and lots of celebrities are supporting him. Is American ready for a gay President--I'm not sure, but I am sure the current President (HWWNBN) would make such a fool of himself running against a gay man that even anti-gay Republicans would be offended.

Biden, I know, messed up the debate--or, more correctly Kamala Harris messed it up for him. But he still polls as the surest to win and that matters to me--a lot.

Warren is taking over Sanders' role. She has the most spelled out agenda and is close or ahead of Bernie in the polls. Bern, a big Sanders supporter, thinks he should drop out and endorse Warren. Warren is a little shrill for me, but I don't doubt she would make the President look silly in debates.

My personal favorite right now is Kamala Harris. Have you seen her question people in Senate committee meetings? She is beyond unbeatable in one on one debates. Some people hold being a prosecutor and an attorney general...'too tough on crime', they say. But that's what prosecutors (like my daughter-in-law before she was appointed to be a judge) do. The prosecute crime. And Harris helped reform the system in California from within.

Here's my dream: Biden/Harris or Biden/Warren with Biden promising to be a one term President and passing the mantle after four years to either woman. Then Warren or Harris for 8 years.

I'm not sure that's enough time--12 years--to restore the damage of the current administration, but I'm betting it will be.

I want to Make America 'America' Again instead of the wounded democracy it is today.

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