Sunday, July 14, 2019

If you needed proof....

If you needed proof that the current administration, headed by He Who Will Not Be Named, is callous, racist and un-American, all you need to know is that they scheduled an ICE raid for a Sunday.

ICE has a job to do, I know that--they need to keep bad people out of our country. But this raid is not against "bad people", it's against people who came here fleeing for their lives thinking this was still the "land of the free and the home of the brave". They just want a better life--like my ancestors, and probably yours, did.

And to choose to do this on a Sunday--the day of worship and rest for Christians of all stripes--is outrageous.

Do do it at all is an insult to my ancestors, and probably yours, but to do it on a Sunday is an outrageous black eye to people like me.

Some Democrats want to abolish ICE. I'm not sure I do. I just want them to 'do their job' and remove undocumented criminals from our midst--not people like my Great Grandfather Jone or Great-Great-Great Grandfather Bradley who came to this country to find a life worth living.

I am out of my mind that the administration and ICE is doing this. But I am out of my mind and heart and soul that they are doing it on a Sunday.

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