Friday, July 12, 2019

Growing up with baseball

I'm sure I've told you that some patriot gave my father and several of his buddies tickets to a World Series game in New York when they were soldiers waiting to sail to England.

The only major league game my father ever saw was between the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Yankees. He decided that which ever team won would be 'his team'. The Yankees won.

So I grew up in southern West Virginia as a Yankee fan.

The sportscaster on channel 6 in Bluefield would begin his broadcast by saying, "let's see who the Yankees clobbered."

This was Ford and Mantle and Maris and Kubeck and Richardson and Skowren and Elston Howard's Yankees. They clobbered a lot of teams.

This year the Yankees have the second best record in baseball, just below the now Los Angeles Dodgers.

And they're doing it with lots of injuries to major players and lots of heroics from very young guys.

Could the Yankees be rebuilding their dynasty? I hope so.

(Here's a secret: I hate, I mean 'hate' the Red Sox! That could get me in trouble with lots of people I know and like in Connecticut. But it's true.)

The Red Sox are playing the Dodgers tonight. In spite of my father's loyalties, I say, "Go Dodgers!!!"

And the Yankees are clobbering Toronto 4-0 after 7.

Go Yankees!

I love them.....Sorry Boston fans....

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