Thursday, July 11, 2019

HWWNBN gives up!!!

The President (He Who Will Not Be Named) today announced he's giving up on getting the "Is this person a Citizen of the U.S." question into the 2020 census.

The Commerce Department days ago accepted the Supreme Court's ruling and is already printing the form without the question.

That question would have caused a remarkable under count of Hispanics and affected the distribution of money and House of Representatives seats to many states. That was the President's plan all along.

God bless Chief Justice Roberts who has become the swing vote on the court.

And long may Justice Ginsberg live so the President can't appoint another justice before the election.

As tenuous as it is, it feels like the Supreme Court and the House of Representatives are all that stand between our country and the abyss.

I hate to sound so negative, "half full" being my middle name (that's for Charles), but just like in parts of California, the ground is very shaky these days.

And, please God, Democrats quit fighting!!!

I'm a democratic socialist, but beating the Incumbent (who will not be named) is more important right now than doctrinal purity. I hate to say that because I agree with Bernie and AOL and all the ultra-progressives, but we democrats have to get the priorities straight--that means taking back the Senate, holding and increasing the House and winning that other house (the White One).

Focus people.

Focus and organize and fight.

The abyss is near.

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