Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Mueller Time

It went on forever, the two committee meetings. Robert Mueller seemed old, hard of hearing, tentative.

But his answers,  many of which were one or two words, painted a painful and terrifying picture of what went on before and during the election and the obstruction of justice of the President during the investigation.

He all but said that if the President had not been President, he would have indicted him. All but said. He was, as always, sticking to his guns and only referring to the report. Many questions were not answered because they stayed outside his report.

I was horrified at how rude and disrespectful Republicans were of a war hero, head of the FBI, security guru and special council. Republicans have circled the wagons to defend a man who has violated federal law and lied to us all 7 to 10 times a day in tweets and in person.

I am gravely disappointed in the party my father supported his whole life. He wouldn't recognize the budget conscious, small government Republicans he loved in a party that is sheltering perhaps the most corrupt administration in history which is driving the national debt to record highs, rewarding the rich and trying to take health care from average citizens and benefits from the poor.

People on either side will have vastly different views of what happened today. That just underscores how radically this President has divided the nation.

I long for justice and truth and the administration deals with evasion and lies.

I've said it before--here and in person--"Lord, help us!"

If we ever needed God's help, it is now.

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