Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Too Many Candidates, too little time

The last two nights have been like being shell shocked.

Too many still there. Need to narrow the field.

Warren and Sanders were stars on Tuesday, shutting down moderates and especially crazy, almost Republican sounding John Delaney and stage-fright Tim Ryan.

Here's who I'd like to see left on the stage: Bernie, Warren, Biden (because he should be), Mayor Pete, Julian Castro, Kamala Harris and Gov. Jay Inslee (who I think was the star on Tuesday).

I'd be happy with any two of them being President and Vice-President. My favorite ticket would be Warren/Harris--imagine the debates with the President and Mike Pence!!!

Biden and either Warren or Harris would be good.

I love Mayor Pete but can a gay man be elected President. South Bend, Indiana is a lot different than the USA.

Bernie is great and I'd love to see him debate the President.

However after tonight, I really have to keep space for Gov. Inslee of Washington State. He's the best on environment and really good on everything else--health care, education, housing, race.

Keep those 7 and let's have some debates that give people more than 30 seconds to talk. Or, to make it even more informative, keep Biden, Bernie, Harris, Warren and Inslee.

I could buy that.

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