Monday, July 8, 2019

Some stuff....

All praise to the American women's soccer team!!! My son, Josh, taught me to like soccer after he spent a year in England working at a pub near Chelsea's field.

And good for them for suing for equal pay with American men and for not wanting to go to the White House. (The women's team, by the way, has brought in more money to the American Soccer Association than the men's team in each of the last three years!)

The President gave a speech today about his environmental achievements. Give me a break! He has set us back a decade in leaving the Paris agreement and rescinding almost every regulation on the books.

He also (once again) pounded on one of our closest allies (Great Britain) because of leaked memos from the English ambassador calling him inept, unreliable and not up to the job. All of which are true.

The administration lied horribly over the weekend about how good the detention centers on the southern boarder were.

I told Bern tonight that 'nothing is REAL any more'.

She replied that she wanted to live to be a hundred to see if we ever got things 'back to normal'.

I think we will, though the President is doing better in head to head polls with Democrats that before now. But I'm an optimist. "Half Full" should be my middle name.

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