Saturday, July 20, 2019

Wellness visit

I went today for my annual 'Wellness Visit'. I love my doctor, let's get that straight, but he's a part of a nationwide G.P. group and the way they work is problematic.

First of all, I had to fill out 5 or 6 pages with answers before I went, and the largest number of questions were about my mental health and how to avoid falling.

I know those are two problems people of a certain age have--but it seems overdone.

I did fall once, three or more years ago and tore the ligaments in my knee and had surgery and a long spate of P.T. No falls since and actually I was coming downstairs and missed the next to last step.

But, my mental health is without fault. I may be happier than I've ever been. I have the love of my life in our house on Cornwall Avenue--50 years married 55 years a couple. I have two wondrous children who are successful, happy and in great marriages. And, undoubtedly, the 4 best grand-daughters in the universe.

My physical health is above average. I read 5 or 6 books a week, between my pension, both our social security checks and my part time job doing what I love to do--being part of 3 amazing communities--I make much more money than I ever make working full time.

We have a house and two vehicles long ago paid off, a sweet and precious dog and all the friends we need.

I mean it, I am a happy, satisfied, prospering elder.

I know many elders aren't and I ache for their pain.

But the best thing about my wellness visit was it made me realize how lucky and blessed and happy I am. I sometimes don't acknowledge that fully.

I will now. Every day. I will be thankful with every breath.

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