Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy Birthday, USA!

We had a great day--a tad hot, but not that bad.

We went to our friends Andrew and Jane's in New Haven. There only child is a late teen. Come to think of it, both Robbie, only son of our friend's Jack and Sherry, and I are also only children.

I get on swimmingly with Priscilla and Robbie and every other only child I've ever met.

We gravitate toward each other.

My usual line (oh, so true!) is whenever I feel sad at not having siblings I just have to someone who does....That works.

Our friend John was there--he lives in an apartment in Andrew and Jane's house. And two older women--even older than me--who I've met before. Plus Maureen who is in Bern and Sherry's women's group.

A good four hours, then back to Bridget and life in Cheshire--a few degrees warmer than New Haven by Long Island Sound.

Hope you had a good 4th and like me watched none of the president's nonsense in DC.

It felt so good to ignore all that.

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