Friday, July 5, 2019

The Revolutionary soldiers had airports!

I've learned that our president (who will not be named here) stated in his rain splattered address yesterday, that the revolutionary troops 'took over the airports'.

That was in 1776 and the Wright brothers were in 1913. Odd, don't you think.

He, of course, blamed the rain and the teleprompter that went off for that egregious remark.

Airports in the 18th century.

Most normal people wouldn't assume their were airports in the 18th century whether or not they had a teleprompter.

But he isn't a 'normal person'.

Has there ever been a president who you couldn't believe anything out of their mouth before?

I think not.

This is a totally new experience for those of us who celebrated the birth of our nation yesterday.

Uncharted and dangerous waters.

By the way, are you a citizen (Yes/No)?

Seems to really matter to him. Not so much to me. Do you live in this country? is my question.

Best wishes. Sleep well if you can....

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