Sunday, July 28, 2019


The President (WWNBN) is all over Rep. Elijah Cummings from Baltimore about how horrible his district is.

That Cummings is Black, we are told by Trump staffers, doesn't make the attacks 'racist'. Only reactions to Cummings' attacks on the President.


It just so happens, Jarred Kushner owns dozens and dozens of apartment buildings in John Lewis' district and has had hundreds and hundreds of complaints about mice and rats and not taking care of the property.


My son and daughter in law and three granddaughters live in Baltimore. Josh is a partner in one of the largest law firms in the city. Cathy, a former prosecutor for Baltimore, is now a Judge of the first District of Maryland--Baltimore city. Morgan, Emma and Tegan go to a private school near the Episcopal cathedral, where the family worships.

Baltimore, like any city of that size, has problems. But the President's attacks on Rep. Lewis aren't about the problems of cities. They are about Cummings' attempts to get information and testimony from the Administration as head of the House Oversight Committee--which is that committee's job, according to the way the country is run.

I love Baltimore. There are bad places, sure, but there are bad places in any city and the Administration should be creating policies to make those places better rather than giving tax breaks to the ultra-rich, breaking agreed upon international agreements, cutting back environmental regulations, cosy-ing up to dictators in Russia, North Korea and Saudia Arabia, and undermining the rule of law of the country.

This President is a joke, a mistake and a problem since he has divided the country problematically.

2020 is all about defeating him.

Pray and work for that.

Please and pretty please.

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