Friday, March 27, 2020


There are sparrows who nest each spring in the vent that goes out of our downstairs bathroom.

I heard them today when I went into the bathroom. Their chatter gave me joy.

This afternoon, there were a flock of crows in the tall evergreens beside our back yard. A dozen or more.

"What is a group of crows called?" I asked Bern.

"A flock," she said, "isn't that what all groups of birds are called?"

I looked it up on line. A group of crows is called a 'murder of crows'. Though some people, not liking that, call them a "storytelling of crows".

Back to yesterday, Bern told me she saw at least a half dozen hawks over our yard. I looked that up too. A group of hawks is called a 'cast', an "aerie" or a "kettle" of hawks. I think I like "kettle" best.

And any number of birds are back in our yard. Spring must be coming.

The birdsongs are balm to my soul,.

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