Saturday, March 28, 2020

On-line church tomorrow

We've decided to keep streaming church services. We'll use Emmanuel, Killingsworth, since that's where Ted, our streamer, is.

It's Lent V and the readings include the valley of the dry bones and the raising of Lazarus. Two lessons that give us a foretaste of Easter.

Ted and Garnet and I will have communion and invite those watching to spiritually 'commune' with us. I thought about inviting people to put bread and wine in front of their screens, but then got an email from the bishops of CT that we can't long-distance bless bread and wine! So, I won't do it, even though I trust the Holy Spirit to pull it off.

It's at 10 a.m. but will be available on Facebook after that.

Here's how to access it, if I can figure out how to copy Ted's email.

here is the direct link to the group on facebook for Emmanuel church that you can see Jim on Sunday.
 you can also search on facebook for it at Emmanuel episcopal church, killingworth, ct

I did it! Sometimes I amaze myself!

Since I figured out how to do that, I'll send you a youtube link my friend Chuck ("Charles" really, he hates when I do that).

Subject: "The Log-Year 2"

It's a video of a long in Pennsylvania and the animals that cross it. Very soothing for the soul in these strange times.



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