Sunday, March 29, 2020

surprise call

I got a surprise call from a polling place doing a poll for the Republican National Committee.

How they got my number is a mystery to me!

I get at least half-a-dozen emails from the DNC every day--but never from the Republicans.

It was a one question poll: "do you think the media is being fair in their coverage of the President and the Republicans?"

I responded: "absolutely, positively!"

The woman paused, then said, "well, that response isn't down here...but I write it in...."

All in a days work for me.

Keep your social distance. If you need people to give you more room, just fake a cough into your hand. Be sure to wash that hand when you get home.

An old African greeting is "be well and stay well, umfandusi."

Umfandusi means "my dear friend".

That is my greeting to you in this strange time we find ourselves in.

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