Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Staying at home

It's all a bit weird, isn't it, this staying at home stuff?

I guess I didn't really realize how much I was out and about until I wasn't.

Good news for me. I went to get my shots that I get every two weeks at Waterbury Hospital. The valet parking folks just point you to a spot. The hospital front door is locked. You have to knock. The guy at the desk is a Nazi. The folks in registration mostly had on masks. Before I could go into the Outpatient Therapy room, they took my temperature. 98.0. Good news for me.

I'm not smelling well, but that is my seasonal allergies. Lots of mold and new stuff in the air.

Then I saw video's of the streets of NYC and there was almost no traffic!

Odd upon odd.

Last Sunday we did a Facebook service with a cameraman, a reader and me. Very bizarre to do that.

My friend, John, has a birthday today.

I called him and said, "have a great party...oh, you can't. Well go to a good movie...oh, you can't. So dinner at a fine New Haven restaurant....oh, not that either.....Well, happy birthday all alone.:"

Our kids were coming to celebrate Bern's birthday, but we cancelled it.

We have plans for a Memorial Day get away to Delaware. That won't happen either.

Strange times, for good reasons.

"Open for Easter", the President says.

Dream on. Dream on.

The Diocese of CT is shut until at least May 10, at this point, and probably longer.

It isn't going to get less weird until it does.

Wash you hands.

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