Thursday, March 12, 2020

The Sports World should be in charge of the country

The NBA has suspended it season. The NCAA has called off March Madness and other college sports. Even Major League Baseball has suspended spring training and the regular season.

Those moves did more to fight the corona-virus than the Federal Government has done!

The President tells lie after lie about what the World Heath Organization has now labeled a 'pandemic'. He tells us tests are available--they're not. He said the virus would 'miraculously disappear with warm weather--it won't. He's more worried about the stock market, which his handling of this pandemic has caused to plunge--than he is about the virus. He was exposed and hasn't bothered to be tested (at least HE could get one). I won't go on and on, but I could.

State governments are doing more than the federal government. Limiting large gatherings, closing schools, urging anyone who can to work from home, asking people to self--isolate if they feel they might be sick. The President told people it was ok to go to work, even if they were sick and is worrying about the airlines and the shipping industry instead of worrying about the millions of Americans without health insurance at a time when they might desperately need it.

(I forgot my promise not to go 'on and on' about him....)

So put the NBA, NCAA and MLB in charge of the crisis. They have, to their own financial peril, assured that thousands and thousands and perhaps even millions of people won't be put in close contact in the days of this crisis.

God bless them.

And while you're at it God, kick the Federal Government's ass until they get going in a serious way.

And shut the President up so health officials and experts can decide what to do.

That should keep you busy a while, God.

Just saw the National Hockey League has also suspended the season. One more reason the sports folks should be in charge....

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