Friday, March 20, 2020

morning birds and afternoon sunshine

This morning, out on our back porch (I got up at 8, at least an hour, if not more, earlier than usual) there were all these little birds, very fast, flying around our side and back yard.

One sat on a limb right in front of me and tweeted, while I whistled back, for at least 10 minutes.

I've never know a bird that wasn't in a cage to sit still that long.

There were dozens of them--little brown, gray things--all over.


And after a cloudy, gloomy day, the afternoon--about 2--became glorious. Sun and warmth and wondrous pre-spring colors.

Maybe not being out and about can teach us to notice such things.

That would be a wonderful result of being so limited in this time.

Small things come to matter a lot.

Take them in. Appreciate them. Love them.

A positive spin on a pandemic....

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