Sunday, March 22, 2020

Not like waiting for Christmas

Waiting for Christmas is a time of excitement and joy and anticipation.

Waiting during the corona-virus is the opposite. Waiting, cut off from normal human intercourse is anxious and dreading and wondering if you'll get symptoms.

The federal government gives me no hope, only confusion.

Thank God for mayors and governors! But without the power of the federal government behind them, they can't do everything that needs done.

The President promises test kits and gloves and masks every day. And they haven't arrived.

I did the strangest service I've ever done today. I'll try to copy the Facebook link to it if I can. (I'm no good with technology--a really old man!)

here is the direct link to the group on facebook for Emmanuel church that you can see Jim on Sunday.
 you can also search on facebook for it at Emmanuel episcopal church, killingworth, ct

I did it, amazing myself!

Stay at home and wash your hands.

Shalom, jim


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