Sunday, March 15, 2020

Definitely not 'business as usual"

Yesterday, the only place in Cheshire where I could find paper towels was one of the two Rite Aide stores.

Not only is all the paper products gone from Big Y and Stop and Shop, lots of other aisles are empty too, for reasons I can't comprehend. Like no sour cream? Who hoards sour cream?

Plus, at Stop and Shop, the butcher and seafood cases where someone serves you, were both shut down.

And we didn't have church on Sunday.

And the Cheshire Library is closed.

And no NBA or March Madness or MLB--what will I watch on TV?

And at least half the debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders was about the effects of the virus.

And Mimi and Tim are at their newly purchased house in, of all places, Calicoon Center, New York instead of in the city. For two weeks. So Eleanor is not in Day Care, which might be closed anyway as are schools all over the country.

And, our next door neighbors' daughter is coming for spring break from the University of Alabama and doesn't know if she'll go back this semester.

And, though no one is wearing masks yet (except one Asian man Bern saw--probably trying to guard against the mindless anti-Chinese stuff that's come out of all this) people do maintain 'space' wherever I go.

And I don't go many places, truth be known: to the grocery store every other day when I'm cooking dinner and the wine store, because I want to, but no where else.

And I've washed my hands more this week than in the previous three months.

I'll probably go to my meeting at St. John's with other Episcopal clergy and lay folks and to the dentist after that (I somehow chipped a bottom front tooth) but no where else.

I need to go to H&R Block to take in my tax stuff, but surely I won't have to be face to face with anyone closer than across a desk.

Life has changed.

I still don't personally know anyone who has the virus but it's early days.

The President has so mishandled this whole thing and that is one reason it's early days.

Let the Scientists and the Doctors lead our response, not Mike Pence!!!!

Not 'business as usual' and won't be, I fear, for some time to come.


Stay healthy.

Wash your hands.

Don't touch your face much--it's impossible to not touch your face at all!

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