Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Happy to be where I am

I meet so many people who are wishing and hoping and longing to 'be somewhere else in their lives', that I am amazed gratified and extremely thankful to be 'just where I am in mine'.

I have a marriage that on September 5 will be 50 years old. We've had rough times in all those years, but now we're happy to be where we are.

I'll be 73 in April and Bern will be 70 15 days before my birthday. And we're happy to be where we are.

We have two remarkable children who are in two wonderful marriages and have given us four amazing granddaughters. They all have productive, important jobs--our children and their spouses--and make more money that I can imagine. I am so happy they are where they are.

Plus, I have this job with the Middlesex Area Cluster Ministry--three churches in unlikely places like Higganum, Killingworth and Northford. I was on the Cluster Council tonight and looked around the table and realized I loved every single one of the nine with me--and Ann, who couldn't be there because she works in the hospital where one of the two corona virus folks in Connecticut works.

Sometimes I pinch myself.

How could I be this blessed, this fortunate, this embraced when so many are missing all that?

I pray for those less fortunate than me and try to support them however I can.

And I am so happy to be where I am.

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