Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Definitely wierd

Went to my dentist today. I chipped a lower front tooth somehow. He drilled a bit and filled it fine, can't feel it with my tongue anymore.

He told me I was lucky to have an appointment today since dental practices in CT are shutting down tomorrow except for real emergencies. State Dental Association following the request of the National Dental Association.

So, if you need a cleaning, forget it.

Better have someone hit you in the mouth if you want a dentist for the next month or so.

Bars and restaurants shutting down.

Airlines cutting flights drastically.

Just don't shut the wine stores--OK?

What I need in this very weird time.

The President said to avoid crowds of more than 10. The corona virus task force has 21 people. How do they meet?

I play hearts on the computer. Bern plays solitaire on hers. We read a lot.

Brigit can't figure out why we're here most of the time.

Like I said, weird times.

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