Sunday, April 12, 2020

Alleluia, He is Risen!

Virtual church is a lot better than no church at all on the highest Hoy Day of the year.

We were on both Zoom and Facebook live and had well over 100 viewers. It went great. That's from 3 little churches that average, between them, less than 70 a Sunday. We'll do it again next week (called 'low Sunday' in the Episcopal Church because so many folks are apparently exhausted by Easter and take a week off) then decide whether to be totally virtual or go back to streaming from one of the churches.

We also zoomed with our family: Josh and Mimi, our children, Cathy and Tim, our children's spouses, and our granddaughters--Eleanor, Tegan, Emma and Morgan.

Josh, who is a partner in one of the largest law firms in Baltimore, gave himself a mohawk hair cut and grew a beard. He wondered why his bead was gray. My beard turned gray many years before my hair. I colored it for several years then though, 'what the hell?' and let it grow in. People would look at me and say, "are you feeling alright?" having no idea why I looked different.

It wasn't like being with them for dinner--but it was fun and lively and full of laughter.

I swore off being political for Holy Week, but that's over!

A President's rating go up in a crisis. Bush 2 was over 70% after 9/ll as was Obama during his virus outbreak. The current president who will not be named here, is still short of 50%, though it is his highest approval ratings ever.

This administration has so mangled the response to this virus that we are in much worse of a mess than we could have been. Lack of supplies, lack of tests, delays in isolating us, not making 'staying at home' a national order rather than leaving it up the the governors--all in all a disaster.

Now he wants to reopen for business on May 1. Give us all a break! I'm waiting until our Governor, Ned Lamont, tells us it's ok.

Reports today said that the president suggested 'doing nothing' and letting us build up a 'herd immunity' until the people that really 'know stuff'' told him millions would die and talked him back from that plan.

Thank God that they were there to save us.

The president never would.

Go, Biden!

He is Risen indeed, Alleluia!

Happy wield Easter.

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