Sunday, April 19, 2020

Who are these people?

I've seen them on TV--protesting the closing of their states. They are almost all white, all angry and many of them are not wearing masks or keeping social distance. And many wear MAGA hats and wave, of all things, Confederate flags!

And the president is encouraging them in tweets to risk their lives and the lives of those they go home to in order to say "Open up, America!"

We can all agree that the closing of our economy because of the virus is a shame. But can't we all also agree that keeping people safe is more important than 'business as usual'? And what, once this pandemic has abated more, will 'business as usual' look like?

Not like it did a few months ago, I assure you.

I am horrified that these people are out there in Michigan and other states.

STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE should be on everyone's lips.

Yet there they are.

Who are these people and what are they thinking?

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