Tuesday, April 7, 2020

an unexpected gift of the virus

While I mostly am caught up in the disruption and inconvenience the stay at home orders impose on me, I got an unexpected gift from the virus last night.

I suddenly realized how deeply, profoundly and breathlessly I love my children, their mates and my grandchildren.

In normal circumstances we would have all gathered for a celebration of Bern's 70th birthday. That was, understandably, cancelled. It was Bern and me at home alone.

Easter would, normally have brought them all to us again, along with our friends from New Haven: Jack, Sherry, Robbie and John.

And that won't happen either.

Our children and their families have lives of their own and I don't expect to be with them much. But missing two times I might have been with them has shown me that I should never 'take them for granted' but acknowledge my unending love for them.

And for my friends.

My heart is full to bursting with love for them all today.

What a gift from such an awful situation....

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