Wednesday, April 15, 2020

What a joy!

I got a birthday card and letter from C. today. The card had a lion on the front and the envelope--she sent it UPS--had her rendering of the lion with "Jim" on his crown. She remembered I loved Aslan--I've got a dozen stuffed lions in our dining room.

She was a young woman when I met her 30 years ago. I officiated at her wedding and baptized both her children. Her mother was one of my favorite parishioners. She even remembered the patchwork coat and bunny ears I wore at Easter.

Her letter moved me deeply. It was about what I'd meant in her life.

It made me think I did the right thing by becoming an Episcopal priest instead of a college professor.

I appreciated that knowledge more than I can say.

I wrote her back and hope to talk with her on the phone or to email.

I also sent her my blog name. I hope she sees this post and knows how much I appreciated what she wrote.

Stuff like that is so much more than joy--it is what heaven must be like, if there is one.

I know a priest should be sure there is a heaven, but I just withhold judgement and leave all that stuff when we shuffle off this mortal coil to One greater than me.

The idea of Heaven is great. But forever???

Not sure about that.

At some point, it seems to me, life should be still and over.

Just me talkin'...or more accurately, writin'....

Thank you so much C. Love to you.

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