Sunday, April 5, 2020

new normal

I o out at all today, except to the back deck and the back yard to speak with our neighbor, Mark, who was painting his upstairs windows because he has a lot of free time.

Don't we all?

I don't know the last time I didn't go to church on Palm Sunday. Maybe my first year of college when I was shedding my Pilgrim Holiness/Methodist life. But it was very weird.

We are European in grocery shopping. We usually shop for the day each day--Bern and I--since we take turns doing dinner.

But Bern went out today, with a mask, and brought back lots of stuff.

I won't have to shop tomorrow.

Most days since this began, I would at least drive around a bit. But not today.

I think I'm more anxious than Bern.Well, I know I am.

I had an eye doctor appointment tomorrow that is cancelled.

Don't get an eye disease.

Bern is fashioning masks from dinner napkins, which is ok since no one is coming for Easter dinner. And no one came for her birthday Thursday though the kids and their kids and three close friends would have come before this new normal.

Wash your hands. Watch youtube and netflixs and take deep breaths.

It will someday--not soon--be over.

But the new normal may be truly, "the new normal".

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