Friday, April 3, 2020

because it is Holy week...

...I won't do any political diatribes. So, let me get it out of my system.

The president Who Will Never Be Named here has messed this pandemic up ever worse than he has messed up everything else.

We needed and FDR in this moment and we got a Johnny two left hands.

Earlier in his presidency, he disbanded the pandemic committee.

For weeks and weeks and weeks, he understated what he was being told about how serious the virus was. ("It will go away when it gets's no worse than will stop soon...we have done great things...let's start the economy on Easter....on and on and on....")

Then, his son in law said the federal stockpile of medical equipment 'is for us, not the states'. Who is US in the U.S., if not the states?

We are so much worse off than we should have been had not He Who Will Not Be Named had not been in charge.

Fact check his press conferences during all this.

Lie after lie after horrible, damaging lie.

Deep breath.

OK, I can ignore all this during Holy Week now.

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