Sunday, April 19, 2020

Virtual church

We did virtual church again. We had lessons and a psalm and a gospel and I preached and we had prayers and a virtual communion and then a closing. Jeremiah played the organ at Emmanuel for a prelude and postlude and then we had a virtual coffee hour!

It was good to see people's faces on zoom, but I couldn't see the people on face book live or on their phones. But it was good to see people I haven't been together with for over a month.

We'll do this as long as we need to so we can be sure it's safe not to be in the same space together.

The people in the three churches are very hug-prone and I'm not sure when we'll go back to that.

Not the same thing, obviously, but way, way better than nothing.

Sunday is the day I really resent the virus. 'Church' gives a deep meaning to my life.

I miss it terribly.

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