Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Different stokes for different folks

Bern and I have different strategies for dealing with isolation.

She plays solitaire on line. I play hearts.

She watches TV series on Netflix (today she's watched 6 episodes of an Australian show call Quirk in which dead people rise from their graves, not as zombies, but as who they were, from all periods of history).

I watch news videos on line.

She works in the yard on warmer days--not many this April.

I look at you tube videos.

She goes on line with zoom with her women's group.

I do church on line with zoom and face book live.

We do both cook and read books. But I read mysteries and she reads zombie books. (She's a zombie fan--watches zombies on TV...I don't like zombie shows.)

She goes to bed early--9 or 10 and wakes up at 7 a.m..

I go to bed late--11 or later and wake up at 9 or so.

She feeds and takes Bridget out after breakfast. I feed Brigit dinner and take her out the last two times each day.

But we are both doing well, doing our own things.

We spend time together every day, but not that much.

But all this was like that before the pandemic.

We're just doing what we do.

And it works for us.

Hope you find the rhythm  that works for you in these confusing times. We need a rhythm that keeps us sane and safe.

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