Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Not so bad

Hope you're doing well.

We've been home now a month and it's not so bad.

But then, except for a couple of trips a week--to my group in Waterbury and to Church twice--I'm not out and about much.

Bern's women's group meets on Zoom a couple of times a week.

Neither of us were out in the world much before this started. I read a book a day before this--I read a book a day now. We used to go to the grocery store every day, now we go every three days or so. The Consignment Shop, that Bern frequented, is closed. I buy enough wine at a time to last 3 or 4 days, used to buy it almost daily.

Bern watches TV, I'm on line a lot.

But we were before the virus.

We've always talked to our neighbors at a distance and we still do.

So, we aren't as freaked out as some folks are by all this. Not so different as before.

I really feel for people who are at home with kids. The kids are the ones' whose routines have been smashed.

Bern talks to Eleanor or face time every day for an hour to give Tim and Mimi a break.

The Bradley girls in Baltimore told us on Zoom on Easter that they 'love' this. They do school work on line but also bake and cook and talk to their friends on line.

But I'm sure it's a very trying time for many, many people. Pray for them and reach out to the single people you know.

At least Bern and I can have social time with each other. I worry about those isolated and alone.

As a Buddhist would say, "this too shall pass". But the cost to some is enormous.

Wash your hands. Wear a mask when you go out. Shalom.

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